Salvation Farms

  • VT


PO Box 1174
United States

About Us

Salvation Farms' mission is to increase resilience in Vermont's food system through agricultural surplus management. Our mission is achieved by fostering collaborative, cross-sector partnerships that engage and utilize available resources, skills and knowledge to create efficient practices for managing Vermont's farm surplus.

We are driven by three primary goals:

  • Reduce food waste on Vermont farms
  • Decrease our dependence on food from afar
  • Foster appreciation for Vermont's agricultural heritage and future

Salvation Farms is deeply rooted in the philosophy that farms are, were and always will be our salvation; small, diversified farms are the cornerstones of healthy, wholesome and stable communities and cultures. We believe that the best way to build lasting change is to involve people in the process; this creates ownership and intrinsic value. Through using a common and essential resource, food is an extremely effective tool for social change.