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About Us

The LEAGUE has been developed to serve as a solution to the need of engaging youth on a massive scale in learning about their community and engaging in meaningful service. The LEAGUE is an exciting movement designed within schools to make it easy, fun, and rewarding for youth to be engaged in changing the world. The LEAGUE embraces the most recognizable structure throughout the world-sports-to entice, excite, and empower youth to serve and become educated about their community. The LEAGUE incorporates players, coaches, points, standings, fans, box holders, and even playbooks to make learning and doing in relationship to their community a game you can not resist to play. The LEAGUE is a system for schools and students to engage in a series of service events in the community. The LEAGUE offers innovative teaching resources provided by Learning to Give for educators to teach the concepts of giving, serving, and the community related to these events. With recognition via The LEAGUE website, local newspapers, and national media, LEAGUE students and schools can celebrate and be recognized for their impact.