Fundacion Cabo San Francisco - FCSF

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About Us

A non-profit organization,constituted legally in the year 1994 by ministerial agreement #002908 and whose members are in their majority inhabitants of the community.The Foundation is concerned with conservationist and environmental principles, with sustainable development of the country and with the defense of the environment and nature, for which has signed the Code of Ethics of the Ecuadorian Committee for the Defense of the Nature and the environment (CEDENMA). The Foundation offers opportunities for volunteers in communitarian services, investigation and conservation of the flora and fauna of the region. The program of volunteers provides practical experience for people interested in investigation,classification of native plants, collecting of seeds and reforestation besides to promote in the population the knowledge and care of its environment through environmental and health education. The FCSF is member of the World Conservation Union (UICN). More information on volunteering at: