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Volunteering with a difference

Destiny's Volunteers (a.k.a. Destiny Life Saver's Association) is a not-for-profit organisation which seeks to improve the health and well-being of deprived African communities with the help of international and Ghanaian volunteers working together. All that volunteers need is passion for helping others, a desire to make friends with people from a different culture and an eagerness to experience Africa.

Volunteers work together in groups, travelling through deprived communities to do health education. This project is open to everyone, whether with health experience or not, since there will be a 5 day health training course for all volunteers on the areas to be covered.

Many people are suffering or dying because of a lack of health education on preventable illnesses and diseases. Destiny Volunteers provides you with an opportunity to use local expertise, basic health training and the enthusiasm of the group, to make a real difference. Volunteer to save lives and see the change, while having an incredible experience of seeing this beautiful country, building friendships with its people and experiencing its cultures. When there is a projects, all volunteers will be provided with necessary transportation, safe accommodation, fresh food, fantastic entertainment, a dedicated group leader and much more for the duration of the health education program. The projects use the knowledge, enthusiasm and good will of Ghanaian and foreign volunteers and local health personnel to educate school children and the wider community on health issues threatening them. We use a variety of methods, including house-to-house visits, school education, community meetings, drama and art presentations, church meetings and many other means of raising awareness and increasing understanding.

Another key aim of the projects is to increase understanding, promote cultural exchange and build friendships between Africans, specifically Ghanaians, and Europeans, Americans, and Asians. The projects have a serious purpose as well as a fun element to them, as will be clear from our nightly entertainment and weekend trips!

More information is available on the website: Destiny Volunteers also places volunteers on teaching placements in schools. We will find a school that meets your desires as well as the school's needs. We'll make sure you have all the information you need and have contact with your school before you come to Ghana.