The Gathering Outreach Community Center

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11200 Broadway, Suite 2743
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About Us

The Gathering Outreach Community Center (GOCC) for Development and Fine Arts is a non-profit 501c3 organization that surfaced in 2012. GOCC serves the community by providing additional capacities to promote and induce social support, education, development, fine arts, sports and recreational activities for adults and children.

The Gathering Outreach Community Center was founded by, Natasha Minix-Tennison, who serves alongside a team of individuals that supports the overall mission. Our MISSION is to increase the variety of community engagement opportunities that will provide precious memories, motivation, encouragement, wholeness, spiritual support, health and wellness for adults and children. Event gatherings and solid community based programs are important to have and maintain within communities. The Gathering Outreach Community Center team is driven by the Spirit of LOVE and takes pride in serving the City of Pearland.  Building hearts of hope now, and for the future, is one of the many goals GOCC has. While it is known that the principles and dedication outlining the amount of work and effort it takes to make a huge difference within the community; the GOCC team remains emphatically steadfast in their pursuit to produce great works for the community of Pearland. The Gathering Outreach Community Center is an advocate that stands strong, for the lives within the community.

Our GOAL is to impact and enhance community togetherness. The Gathering Outreach Community Center servers to make a difference one home at a time, one child at a time, and one school at time. That is what GOCC is all about, and this is our top priority.  Our team of leaders will fight in the Spirit of LOVE, to produce positive results in the community. We are graciously aggressive in building positive partnerships with companies and individuals that can help move our mission forward.  Our PURPOSE is to be a tree of love that people can count on to support the community with equal engagement opportunities.

We love to love, and through the community is how we show it.