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About Us

Helping CEOs Breathe Easier Since 1995

Financial transitions are tough no matter when or how they happen. Since 1995, Nonprofit Finance Pros has been helping nonprofit CEOs ease the pain inherent in these transitions by:

  • Providing customized financial management consulting solutions, with an emphasis on strengthening long-term financial sustainability,
  • Facilitating the crucial conversations required to survive a financial crisis and come out on the other side, stronger than ever before,
  • Recruiting experienced, knowledgeable financial professionals, and
  • Filling interim CFO vacancies to keep financial operations running smoothly during times of crisis or change.

By doing so, our goal is to maximize the positive impact of the mission-driven, high-performance organizations we serve.

What Our Name Says About Our Firm

Nonprofit – We exclusively serve the not-for-profit sector. Serving not-for-profits is our passion.

Finance – We have a single-minded focus on helping not-for-profit organizations strengthen financial management capacity and foster long term financial sustainability.

Pros – The founders of our firm are seasoned financial management professionals who bring a wealth of experience helping nonprofit organizations successfully weather financial transitions and come out on the other side, stronger than ever before.

When you want trusted partners who will help you turn your organization’s financial transition into a financial transformation, Nonprofit Finance Pros is there. We guarantee you’ll sleep better at night.