CMC Consultants Inc.

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About Us

Established in 2011, the vision of our client, Ingenuity, is that all Chicago Public Schools (CPS) students, from the day they start school until the day they graduate, will receive quality arts education at every grade level. If accomplished, we will spawn a generation of innovative thinkers capable of expressing themselves and contributing to the culture of their time.

To carry out its vision, the client does three things: 1) It is a continuing source of information, tracking and research on the extent to which Chicago students receive arts education and will supply stakeholders with knowledge to increase efficiency in arts education delivery; 2) It is a tireless advocate for the arts in education; and 3) It provides invaluable resources to schools, teachers, and principals who want to improve and expand the delivery of arts and to the hundreds of community arts and cultural programs whose work enriches our public schools.

To support this community, our client has a core staff of seven. Along with an active board of directors, outside consultants, new multi-year communications and strategic plans, the client implements its services in partnership with CPS supporting the needs of 800 community arts organizations and the 600-plus schools of Chicago Public Schools.