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Wesley, Brown & Bartle Company

By all standards within the retained executive search industry Wesley, Brown & Bartle (WB&B) stands alone in its long-term commitment to diversity and inclusion. Founded over thirty eight years ago, WB&B is the nation’s leading minority-owned search firm. Before Affirmative Action mandates and EEO regulations, our founding by-laws mandated that highly qualified, women and persons of color be included in every candidate slate, regardless of whether there was a specific client request or not. WB&B’s exceptional record of diversity achievement has been recognized by The White House, FORTUNE, The Wall Street Journal, CRAIN’S, and The Conference Board.

In addition to a commitment to total inclusivity, from its inception, WB&B pioneered new approaches for the search industry: Two-Year Guarantees; benchmarking credentialed candidates in-person with corporate clients within 3 to 4 weeks from initiation of the assignment; fee schedules based on performance milestones met by WB&B throughout the course of its engagements and not solely on a calendar basis. As a result, we have long-term relationships with clients, sharing responsibilities and standing behind our work.

Ahead of the recruitment trends, WB&B created strategic alliances with its corporate clients to improve diversity in key managerial ranks as well as to introduce qualified “hidden talent” from sources not being accessed, i.e. the military. WB&B created Strategic Sourcing Initiatives as an “antidote” to executive search methodologies that have failed to achieve diverse representation in the mid to senior management ranks. Through an unparalleled nationwide network, WB&B reaches veterans, women and high performers of color who do not respond to traditional recruitment sources and techniques, identifies, attracts, and introduces this “hidden talent” to clients prior to positions becoming open. This process builds a proprietary pool of approved candidates in specific job families for near and long-term hire and negates myths surrounding the recruitment of persons of color: i.e. they do not exist; takes too long to find them; they don’t possess the leadership skills; and they are culturally incompatible.

WB&B’s innovative strategies in partnership with select Fortune 500 clients have expanded diverse professional pipelines at multi-levels and multi-functions. Moreover, our alliance with many of our clients has had a significant impact on diverse representation throughout corporateAmerica.