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About Us

The best organizations need high performing people, who can sometimes be hard to find. CSD, offers full executive search services to accommodate your growth and changing business circumstances. We focus our efforts primarily on recruiting for senior-level positions at the director level and above. With more than 45 years of cumulative experience in executive search, we have conducted successful searches in a variety of industries, and specifically choose to be generalists as opposed to only one sector.

We use an extensive network of contacts and a client-centered approach identifying the right candidates to fit your organization, and also coach you through the interviewing, evaluation, selection and delicate negotiation process.

Our "team-based" approach to search assures that there will always be a Project Manager on your specific search, in addition to at least one other member of our CSD team. This ensures maximum coverage and backup capability. Our use of both sophisticated internet-based research tools, as well as skilled research assistants, promotes a quicker and more accurate identification of 'best-fit' candidates.

As part of our executive search services, we provide other value-added expertise in:

  • Position profile development
  • Interview development and training
  • Candidate evaluation tools and methodology
  • Compensation, incentive bonus and relocation advice
  • How to insure a "legal" interview process