Kent, Campa and Kate Inc.

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416 N.Thomas Street
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About Us

KCK is a Department of Veteran Affairs Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that exclusively employs Veterans and their family members, particularly Wounded Warriors and returning Veterans from the most recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Carlton Kent, the former Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, and Joe Campa, the former Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy are the principle owners of KCK and are nationally recognized leaders throughout the Veteran Community. The KCK Team has developed a deliberate recruiting pipeline through close personal relationships with the Army Wounded Warrior Transition Command, Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment, Navy Safe Harbor Program and the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program. KCK also works very closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Labor Veteran services representatives from across the country to place Veterans and Wounded Warriors in meaningful KCK employment opportunities.KCK’s leadership and management experience has allowed the successful support for the needs of government agencies by providing proven talent from the thousands of Veterans ready for employment. KCK’s commitment to hiring Veterans, and the Federal Government’s need for a talented and dedicated workforce has allowed KCK to quickly establish a track record of past performance success. KCK consistently demonstrates the unique capability to recruit highly qualified Veterans and Wounded Warriors while supporting and mentoring them as they provide services to our valued government and commercial clients.