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At the heart and soul of your organization’s success lies those career and professional leaders who give their time and effort toward meeting its mission. That’s why it’s crucial that your leadership volunteers are exceptionally prepared and supported to undertake a successful executive search process. Third Sector Company is uniquely equipped to help.


With expert insight and extensive experience in identifying and orienting nonprofit leadership, Third Sector Company can support volunteer search committees and current leadership in coordinating their hiring process. Whether it’s an outside search or an internal hire, equipping your volunteer staff with the tools they need to feel engaged and active in the selection process is a vital component of any leadership change, and will serve to help unify the organization’s leaders.


When a nonprofit organization is looking to hire its next chief professional officer, the circumstances impacting a good hire can be daunting:

·        Boards of Directors accustomed to administrative staffing by their executive suddenly find themselves without sufficient support and infrastructure to accomplish their hiring tasks in a timely and orderly fashion

·        Volunteer search committee members may have limited experience with or exposure to the interviewing and selection processes vital to the successful hiring of nonprofit leadership

·        Important details associated with hiring such as developing screening criteria, managing timelines, and updating executive compensation policy and onboarding can easily be overlooked

·        The costs associated with professional search can be high relative to the budgets and reserves of most smaller and mid-sized nonprofits.

·        Legal liability and state specific regulations can be costly to address if not done correctly


The mission of The Third Sector Company is “to foster a continuity of professional and voluntary leadership for the nonprofit sector.”  The Executive Leadership Search and Support Program is one of five services Third Sector Company professionals offer to advance that mission in local communities throughout the Western United States.