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About Us

AdNet is an Integrative Business Solutions Company blending the best in people with the ongoing demands of the workplace. We offer a humanistic approach to provide temporary, contractual & executive search services in the areas of Accounting/Finance, Administrative Support, Healthcare, Human Resources and Information Technology. AdNet’s clients are the federal & state government and commercial sector.

Why “Integrative”? AdNet brings our diversity as professionals from many walks of life, to an industry that attracts an even greater amount of diversity. In that diversity, we combine the strengths of many to deliver a whole and complete result. We are in the business to find immediate solutions to fast moving hiring demands.

People: include our candidates, our clients and our internal team. All people involved in AdNet’s work are placed as top priority; the result is a trusting partnership which leads to an empowered & successful process.

Process: our fine tuned & evolving processes adapt to the changing needs of the workplace and the candidates we represent. AdNet’s core processes are thorough, respectful and complete. Listening to the needs of candidates and clients allows AdNet to shift quickly within the process to deliver a valued and successful result.

Placement: AdNet’s #1 goal is the placement of the most qualified consultants, contractors and candidates.

AdNet’s Mission: We identify, evaluate and develop professionals to provide exceptional results to the business community.