Leading Transitions LLC

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About Us

Leading Transitions strengthens non-profit organizations through assessment, education and empowerment of leadership during periods of transition and change. Leading Transitions uses time-tested, healthy principles to work with executive directors, boards of directors and senior staff to increase their operating capacities. Committed to the future vitality of non profit organizations, Leading Transitions recognizes the inherent challenges in leadership succession, fund development and executive support. The practice has been refined to provide the flexibility necessary to adapt to the intricacies and dynamics of any non-profit organization.

  • Helps your organization implement healthy processes during a time of change.
  • Puts the needs of your organization first with unbiased, objective and independent consultation and partnership.
  • Works with all necessary levels of your organization, including executive leadership, the Board of Directors, staff and donors.
  • Commits to social responsibility and is dedicated to helping your organization achieve its mission through advanced business practices.
  • Offers expert knowledge and experience to address your organization's unique needs.
  • Coaches individual job seekers on all parts of the position aquisition continuum.