Crooker Consulting

  • Oregon


25330 Southwest Albertson Road
United States

About Us

Crooker Consulting helps nonprofit leaders change the world by connecting their organization to donors who want to make a difference.

  • We help increase impact by customizing fundraising strategies to suit the needs and capabilities of the organization.
  • We help develop the team, the skills and the tools the organization needs to be successful.
  • We help implement the fundraising strategies we create with the organization.
  • We help inspire new and current donors to join the organization in changing the world!

We approach every client with a fresh perspective and appreciation for each organization’s unique challenges and opportunities. This, coupled with years of experience and an ability to identify and address the real issues, leads to the kind of change that truly makes a lasting difference. This is sustainable change–not for a season or a year–but for the life of the organization and the cause.