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About Us

Mission: OneTeacher connects high-potential teachers to high-performing schools to transform lives and change history.

Every student should have access to excellent teachers regardless of their school zip code or demographics. OneTeacher connects high-potential teachers to high-performing Title I schools by partnering with excellent schools looking to hire and support high-quality teachers.

Our schools offer a fast-paced, collaborative school environment that is 100% focused on the mission. They generate hope, excitement, and enthusiasm for the education profession by valuing their teachers and working to elevate the profession. Our schools empower teachers to view themselves as life-long learners and engages teachers in exemplary professional development within a supportive community. Our schools' teachers are part of an outcomes-focused community that believes that all students are able to achieve, and a teacher's work is to ultimately positively transform all of their students' educational and life outcomes through their success in the classroom.

At OneTeacher, we believe in the power of one teacher.  We are ever-in-awe of the impact that one teacher can have on our students and their communities.