Enèji Pwòp

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About Us

Enèji Pwòp, a Haitian social entreprise working in Haiti since 2010, provides a product line of life-changing products for families who would otherwise rely on kerosene and candles to light their homes and businesses and low-quality cookstoves fueled with charcoal to cook their food.

Efficient cookstoves save time and money – about $5 per month. Solar desk lamps offer over five times as much light output as a kerosene lamps, and can pay for themselves out of fuel savings in less than 6 months. Solar lights are much safer- the exposed flame of a kerosene lamp or candle is responsible for burning hundreds of children every year, and occasionally burns homes down.

Enèji Pwòp works with local, national, and international partners to make sure that the products sold under the Enèji Pwòp brand are well-tested and carefully chosen for quality and value. All Enèji Pwòp products are tested and vetted by Enèji Pwòp, the World Bank, IFC, US Department of Energy, and/or US Universities. In being selective about the quality of its products, Enèji Pwòp prevents market spoilage and keeps its customers' ongoing maintenance and repair costs down.