Elliot For Water

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29 Harley Street
United Kingdom

About Us

What would you do if you had the chance to save a human life by doing what you already do everyday?

Elliotforwater.com is the first search engine that gives the possibility to its users to help the people in need of drinkable water.

This is achieved by allowing users to help people around the world for free simply by surfing the net. Elliot For Water donates 70% of its profits to buy Solwa Technologies, solar energy based products that purify dirty or polluted water through desalination, the irrigation of arid grounds, and the dehydration of food. We will also take care of the primary necessities of the villages in which this technology will be implemented.

Elliot For Water will be transparent in that all aspects relating to the project will be made available to the public. Through our blog we will publish the financial results, the quantity of the models bought, photos, and the documentation relative to the realisation of each project. The search results, as well as the advertising, are provided by Yahoo! and Google.

Elliotforwater.com has been created to make something good, concrete and sustainable for the world and for who lives it. This company is an example that together we can make a change through something as simple as surfing the net.