BroadReach Healthcare

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25 Owl Street
13th Floor, Metalbox Building
South Africa

About Us

BroadReach Healthcare is a global healthcare solutions company dedicated to developing and implementing large scale solutions to expand access to healthcare services across the globe. We apply our expertise in global health across five core service areas: distribution networks; health systems strengthening; patient education and community mobilisation; public-private partnerships; and strategic consulting. Across each of these service areas, our work combines best practices from the public sector with business efficiency and private sector discipline to address international health challenges and opportunities. Our hybrid public/private approach has helped BroadReach create a portfolio of innovative health projects for a diverse client base including multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises, bilateral donor agencies, multilateral development banks, and other civil society organisations.

BroadReach Healthcare has offices in Washington, DC; Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya; Shanghai, China; and Zurich, Switzerland.