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About Us

Vega Coffee was founded on the audacious idea that the future of coffee is farmer roasted.

We started Vega Coffee to connect coffee farmers directly with coffee lovers. Why? So that we could offer incredible coffees for less, yet still pay farmers up to 4x more for roasting & packaging their own beans. Best of all, every additional bag or coffee subscription we sell means more children attending school, more consistent medical care, and more money for our farmers to reinvest back into their coffee farms.

Our first roasting and processing center is located in Estelí, Nicaragua, right in the heart of Nicaraguan coffee country. Our office is literally down the road from the country’s biggest farmer cooperatives.

That’s one reason why Vega Coffee (and is unlike any other coffee company out there. Vega’s roasting and processing center is run by the farmers themselves. Vega empowers our farmers with extensive training in roasting techniques and quality control. We build upon the roasting knowledge farmers already have to familiarize them with the latest in roasting technology and market preferences.

By building our roasting and processing centers amongst the farmers that grow our coffee, we foster new skills for our farmers, and fortify these local communities and their economies. Our model helps foster a more equitable, sustainable and efficient alternative to the current coffee market.

Together, we're building networks among farmers to optimize old and new world techniques, exchange advice and collaborate to bring our customers the very best coffee we can.