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About Us

CSMlearn is a mission-driven company pursuing a system-level approach to core issues in education and workforce skills.  To this end, we've developed CSM, a self-paced web-based course that teaches the essentials of high performance: strong core math and literacy; problem-solving strategies and mindset; independent learning; attention-to-detail and conscientiousness; and persistence, self-reliance, high expectations, intrinsic motivation and other aspects of self-efficacy. CSM is the world’s most-advanced adaptive learning system, and personalizes instruction in all the aspects of high-performance enumerated above. CSM is used by both inner-city 9th graders and senior managers in Fortune 100 companies – while the skills they need are quite different, the essentials of high performance are very similar.  CSM's markets include secondary, adult education, college, workforce development and the existing workforce, both here in the US and internationally.