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About Us

Ennovent is a business innovations catalyst for sustainability. We believe sustainable solutions for low-income markets can create long-term business value. We partner with the private, public and third sectors to take novel business ideas to these markets in developing countries. Since 2008, Ennovent has accelerated over 130 innovations in 30 countries through 40 projects.

As a young, evolving for-profit enterprise Ennovent’s core strength is our team - a talented and self-motivated group of professionals with strong backgrounds in fields such as impact investment management, low-income markets, international development, business operations, entrepreneurship and the environment.


Ennovent operates as a completely virtual organisation with team members working exclusively from home-based environments around the world. Our culture is dynamic; we are highly responsive to new ideas and initiatives that could advance our organisational aspirations, while also fostering a positive impact on low-income markets in developing countries. We promote a sense innovation, business ethics and professionalism in all our operations.