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About Us

TRIBE is a social business that lives for fashion, freedom, and the beauty of being women. Founded by two young fashion-forward American women who currently live in Uganda, Africa, the business model incorporates handmade jewelry to promote and grow social entrepreneurships while aiming to inspire women across the globe. Our jewelry is made by women who are encouraged to express themselves through their jewelry making abilities.

In addition to expressing themselves creatively, TRIBE is an environment where the women are encouraged to make their dreams a reality. Connecting the women with business partnerships and mentoring them in business trainings gives the TRIBE women the opportunity to utilize their gifts in a way that is sustainable for themselves and their families.

The TRIBE women take pride in their work and are passionate about creating a product that is competitive in an international market.

Our jewels are a way for women all over the world to express their individuality and be reminded of their freedom and strength.