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About Us

99Degrees Custom is passionate about custom manufacturing and sees the rise of me-commerce as an opportunity to re-shore US manufacturing and transform the apparel manufacturing industry with innovation and next gen manufacturing. We work to ensure 21st century speed-to-market and the creation of jobs that will help post-industrial America work out of poverty. Lowell and Lawrence, Massachusetts are struggling post-industrial cities with some of the highest poverty rates in the state. In the shadow of the mills that once powered the US Industrial Revolution, the region's workforce joins 47 million Americans who live in low income working households. There are very few, if any, job opportunities to work their way out of poverty.

99Degrees Custom is a social enterprise, demonstrating private-sector led economic mobility. Our up-and-out employment model and jobs that train the region's workforce in transferable skills like lean manufacturing are a bridge to family-supporting wage jobs in the MA innovation economy. We are building a model that transforms they way the private sector thinks about low wage jobs and ultimately helps to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty for millions of Americans.