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About Us

We develop healthcare solutions that expand access to quality healthcare by disseminating clinical knowledge and distributing its delivery globally.


Our initial solution is a simple, intuitive, clinical assessment tool called MEDSINC, that can be used by everyone, everywhere. MEDSINC is an evidenced based platform that facilitates physician-like clinical assessments and automatically generates treatment recommendations. It also gathers important medical and public health data with each assessment, creating a medical knowledge network that can be shared globally.

We believe that...

<blockquote>Empowering individuals and communities with medical and clinical information will lead to increased healthcare equity and equality. </blockquote><blockquote>The acquisition and distribution of public health and clinical knowledge is essential to address today’s most challenging global health problems.</blockquote>

THINKMD was founded in 2014 as a Benefit Corporation to develop solutions to a growing shortage of healthcare professionals and systemic challenges in healthcare delivery. Founded by two pediatricians, we envision a world where new approaches, systems and knowledge can lead to extending global access to healthcare for everyone, everywhere.

Our team includes clinicians, engineers, data scientists, strategists, and global health specialists. We utilize an integrative development approach to develop novel technology to change healthcare delivery, and leverage critical public health data that will improve clinical outcomes, surveillance, and healthcare management globally.