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About Us

We believe that when people come together around their shared passions, they can do nearly anything. Spark a movement. Raise millions of dollars. Rally an army of advocates. Reinvent an organization. Even transform a marketplace.

We got our start on the campaign trail, where our people-focused and data-driven strategies have helped elect four presidents (including Barack Obama twice) and transform digital campaigning forever. Today, we work with leading nonprofits, advocacy groups, and brands to mobilize their communities to take action. 

So when the NAACP wanted to accelerate the civil rights movement online, we partnered with them on a rapid-response strategy to quickly fight cases of injustice. When Google wanted to keep the Internet free and open, we helped them mobilize millions in support of free speech on the web. When Ford wanted to create a community of its most ardent fans, we teamed up to craft a web experience and social campaigns to share their personal stories. And when Freedom to Marry made it its mission to end marriage discrimination in the United States, we helped rally millions of new supporters across integrated email, social, and paid media campaigns.

Our team includes designers, writers, developers, editors, strategists, and analysts. Drawn from around the world and across radically different backgrounds, we come together to help clients succeed in the digital age. We’re political campaigners who write code, nonprofit alumni who think like MBAs, agency vets who want to create positive social change. Every day, we work across disciplines to help people engage more authentically with the things they care about, and then channel those relationships into meaningful solutions to the challenges we share.

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