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About Us

GOOD ( began as a magazine in 2006 to shine a light on a budding cultural movement – a growing dedication to positively and proactively engaging with the world. We saw it everywhere: entrepreneurs striving to build socially-impactful business models; nonprofits evolving to be more engaging and innovative; and an entire generation instilling meaning in what they do and how they do it. Every day, more people were deciding to do well by doing good.

In the fall of 2006 we launched the magazine. We made videos and infographics that helped set new standards for communicating important ideas.

In 2008, we created the website,, to keep up with this rapidly growing values revolution. Visitors could see even more of the good happening around us, and were given opportunities to get involved, like with our community-sourced solutions platform, GOOD Maker.

The potential for something bigger stared us in the face. In September 2012 we launched our new site, transforming into a platform that connects, informs, and empowers the community of pragmatic idealists in a whole new way.

ALIGNING PERSONAL INTEREST WITH THE GREATER INTEREST has become the rule. Now, the GOOD community is better equipped to pursue both individual and collective progress. We don’t make separate and isolated attempts; each GOOD Citizen lays brick on brick to co-create outcomes that we all want to see.

GOOD is a community, and is the platform that connects, informs, and empowers us.