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About Us

It's Working Project by Forty Weeks is committed to helping the private sector successfully bring new parents back to work with ease, as a matter of course and with a sense of pride.

Founder, Julia Beck is a category thought leader making sense of the intersection between life and work with a specific focus on private sector solutions for families. Ms. Beck writes for an array of publications, sharing insights and elevating the dialog around the issues at hand.

The It's Working Project brings first person narratives to life with a candid view of experiences in a country without paid family leave. Findings are used to develop strategies for advancing the workplace. Content is rich and honest - speaking to the whole of the challenges of working families in the US. Findings are scaled to low cost high-impact solutions to advance the private sector's leadership and commitment to working families.

Our work is exciting, time sensitive and high-exposure. We have a culture of appreciation, creativity and care. And, never a dull moment.