Alive & Awake

  • California


5505 Macdonald Avenue
El Cerrito
United States

About Us

"Alive & Awake" is a coming-of-age adventure brand about our quest for the meaning of life. A unique blend of music-driven storytelling and comic sketches for kids and families seeking answers to life's biggest problems. 

The project has launched with the world's first plantable music album: a tree kit of ethically-sourced seeds with 25 songs and a companion book! Therefore, we might engage in social, environmental and spiritual advancement through the healing power of art and nature. Ultimately, our aim is to plant billions of seeds of awakening in our hearts and the earth...and to make it all as fun as possible! 

So, let's take a journey through the humanitarian imagination; grappling with what it means to be young and coming of age in a world full of crises and opportunities. Episodes include music videos, animated shorts, artivist skits and unique calls to action. More info @