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About Us

Reclaiming democracy with Citizen Lobbying.

Shiftspark is a social good startup with a plan to revolutionize and democratize campaign finance in the U.S. Of course, a lot of people say they're doing revolutionary things, but check out this project. We're pretty sure you'll agree we're up to something big.

ShiftSpark uses crowdfunding in a way never seen before, to take on money in politics TODAY. Our founder, Ben Yee, has worked as a high dollar fundraiser, government techie, a good government advocate and an elected leader in the Democratic Party. His knowledge of the inner workings of our political system have helped us create something that challenges the status quo without relying on Congress, the Supreme Court or a Constitutional Amendment.

All of our work is geared to empower small donors by giving them the tools they need to make their voices heard and beat the wealthy interests that have taken control of our political campaigns and government.