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About Us

Impact Hub is a shared work and event space for a global community of entrepreneurs, activists, artists, and professionals using the power of business to drive positive social and environmental change. The first Impact Hub was founded in London in 2005 and has evolved into a rapidly expanding global network of over 7,000 professional members in 50 shared workspaces (and growing) – from Amsterdam to Johannesburg, Singapore to Mexico City. Through our global association and the shared principles of innovation, collaboration and courageous action, we are building a movement. We believe that a better world can be created through the combined accomplishments of compassionate, creative and committed individuals focused on a common purpose - taking a leadership role towards our shared future and making a positive impact.

During the day, the Impact Hubs are a dynamic, collision-rich workspace designed by its members and the wisdom gleaned from the Impact Hub communities throughout the world. Social innovators in the Bay Area are leaving their sterile offices, noisy cafes, and isolated living rooms to work alongside diverse peers in a professionally hosted environment. They choose the Impact Hub because it's where they find the access, tools, community, and inspiration they need to transform their ideas into action.

In the evenings, the Impact Hubs transform into an event platform for member driven collaborations, lectures, screenings, innovation labs, and some of the most compelling and imaginative minds from around the world.

We invite you to become a member of the Impact Hub; where you will find your next project, partner, funder, or muse.