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Center for Social Innovation
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New York
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About Us

Toast Ale brews a craft beer with fresh surplus bread that would otherwise be wasted. Did you know that over 1/3 of fresh bread in the USA goes to waste? Toast Ale is on a mission to prove that the alternative to food waste is delicious and pint sized.

There’s a slice of surplus bread in every can and our ambition is to save more than 100 tons within 3 years. All profits go to our partner charity Feedback to support the fight against food waste, making Toast the best thing since... well, you know.

Toast Ale was founded in London and has just launched in NYC with the ambition to expand production and distribution throughout the USA. We are currently brewing in the Bronx and sourcing fresh, surplus bread from Bread Alone. Our flagship beer is an American Pale Ale – it is a full-bodied pale ale with a balanced hop character and notes of rich caramel and citrus.