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About Us

We are a dynamic and passionate family social enterprise in Hanoi, which works in the fields of educational development and community tourism. We are running the working holiday program to: 

- Provide open-learning opportunities for all people without any regards to their economic status. We are cooperating with other community-based organizations, social enterprises, and educational centers to provide low-cost/reasonable priced lessons to our students. 

- Provide a friendly & comfortable HOMESTAY (a cozy HOME far from HOME) where you can live a different life as you desire, work and travel with others to discover the extravagant beauty of the local culture and landscape in Hanoi and Northern Vietnam, which very few travelers would ever experience.

- Help travelers in Hanoi in urgent and difficult situations; those who are subject to scams, lost luggage or those who arrive late at night and have problems getting from A to B.


A sustainable development community where the member have full access to the knowledge, self-confident, opportunities to buliding the happy life for themself and around their community. 


* All people deserve equal access to opportunities.

* Ensure transparency in communications and budgeting.

* Maintain trust and respect between partners and among members.

* Respect the nature environment and culture values of the communities.

* The solution to building the sustainable community from the inside the community.