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About Us

Our home is a beautiful consciously-evolving community that strives to create a thriving eco village that adheres to the principles of regenerative permaculture . We are an international family working to teach and empower local communities, volunteers, students and guests with the knowledge and practices needed to ground the new paradigm on our planet. Through events, celebrations and hard work we are manifesting this vision every day. Together changing our world through love.

On an ongoing basis we host volunteers, co-creators (people hosting classes, retreats and workshops), students and paying guests. We usually have ongoing classes of yoga, meditation, Qi Gong and other types of classes available. Our new community is only just over a year, as of April 2018. This means we've really got a blank canvas for creative expression and molding this project into something beautiful. Likewise we are constantly testing and improving our processes to create a harmonious community.

We are located on the lakeside of the stunning Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Located within 20-30 minute walking distance to San Marcos.

Normally we have between 4-8 core team members on site and between 10-50 volunteers, guests and co-creators.

We host monthly Full moon celebrations & New moon celebrations filled with music, dancing, fire, food, friends and so much more. These are included at no extra cost for all of our volunteers.

We are actively inviting people who want to help to build and grow our spiritual and education eco-village. We welcome all types of people with all kinds of skills.

We hope to welcome you to the tribe soon! Please reach out to us with any questions.