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About Us

XSEED Education is a leading social enterprise in India with a mission to improve the quality of school education. The XSEED School Learning Program replaces ‘rote’ and ‘teacher talk’ led classroom instruction with a child-centered learning process in every class of the school. Visible benefits of the program are curiosity, confidence, ability to reflect, and higher order thinking skills in children. XSEED consists of four integrated parts: well-researched teacher curriculum, ongoing teacher professional development, application-oriented student resources and skill-based assessment. XSEED impacts over 1200 schools, nearly half a million students, and 50,000 teachers across India; mostly in affordable schools located in smaller towns where quality education is hard to access.  Watch MIT Talk  and Earth Rotation Class to see how XSEED is transforming classrooms.  Founded in 2002, XSEED has now a top-class 250+ management and academic team including alumni of Harvard, Teach for America, IITs and IIMs. XSEED is now building a break-through education technology platform to individualise teaching and learning for all children.