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About North Cross American School Nepal


Future is coming at break-neck pace and the world is becoming more and more challenging than ever and that's a very general experience. The schools all over the world are, therefore, endeavoring to maintain the Quality of Education and upgrading to meet the need of the present and the future. And Globalization has made tremendous impact on the education sector as well. As an effect, the educational institutions around the world are working in collaboration.


North Cross American School Nepal has been established in collaborative educational partnership with North Cross School in Roanoke in the State of Virginia, the United States of America. We share the rigorous US School Curriculum, Athletic and Sports Programs – regarded as the most prestigious education accepted by the most renowned and esteemed colleges and universities in the world.


North Cross School US is an independent school located in the beautiful valley of Roanoke in Virginia of the United States of America. NCS is recognized by the Virginia Board of Education through accreditation with Virginia Association of Independent Schools. 


With this collaborative partnership, NCAS Nepal opens its door with a prime concern to provide the students an easy access to the education that leads them toward completeness – physically, mentally and spiritually. We provide the students the broader spectrum to be the global citizens with self-respect, heightened sense of responsibility for the nation and the world, true sense of social justice and real essence of humanity.


Through this partnership, we bring into application of global collaborative approach in designing and implementation of each and every academic input / component and produce an excellent amalgam of traditional eastern and modern western educational philosophy and curriculum tailored to meet our specialized needs where we provide our students with a multitude of options and alternatives for the purpose of fostering sound intellectual curiosity, accelerating creativity and nurturing their personal growth.


Our students learn in a complete and conducive academic learning environment created by application of the most advanced, modern, scientific and sophisticated technology to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in teaching and learning process.


One of the best aspect and feature at NCAS is Cross-Cultural Exchange Program accompanied by Global Studies Program. The students and the teaching faculties would avail the facilities of visiting the schools abroad and have direct interaction with the people they meet.


Further, we request you to explore this website and as we are sure you could find exactly what you expect from a perfect high school of your choice.


Finally, thank you for your interest in North Cross American School Nepal.