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ExceptionALLYSM provides parents of children with special needs solutions to ensure their children thrive. ExceptionALLYSM delivers to the parent a personalized strategy to navigate bureaucratic special education processes.

Parent Problem

Parents of children with special needs have more to worry about than other parents. In education, they are vulnerable to an intimidating process that leaves them feeling alone, attacked and sometimes purposefully misinformed. If this complex, federally-mandated process goes poorly, their child suffers and loses precious time. The risk of being uninformed and powerless in this process is great. The stakes are both the present safety and future opportunities for the child.

Communication, knowledge, and trust gaps in this process leave the parent worried that the child will not receive what they need. While the parent is a “member” of the IEP Team, this is often not her experience. This is the case for millions of parents nationwide and tens of millions internationally.