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398 Dupont St.

About Us

LightSeed Energy brings affordable, reliable solar lighting to families in rural Africa who are not connected to electricity grids.

The Problem:

125 years after the invention of the light bulb, 85% of rural Africans live without electricity. That's 580 million people.

Traditional fuels like kerosene and charcoal cause 400,000 premature deaths per year.Indoor air pollution is on track to kill more people than malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS.These fuels also cost families up to 30% of their income, and hurt the environment.

The solution:

Energy access is not the only solution for Africa, but it's a great start. Better light allows students to study after dark and adults to increase their earning power. It reduces indoor air pollution and the burden on our natural world by cutting greenhouse gas emissions and curbing deforestation.