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mHealthology, is an organization that focuses on the use of mobile technology to deliver cost-effective solutions to chronic care conditions faced by underserved communities globally.


Since the advent of the smartphone, mobile technology has been at the forefront in the medical community. More and more providers and patients utilize mobile applications to increase patient access, improve care and to reduce costs, thereby breaking the iron triangle of medicine. Not only are these solutions cost-effective, but they also serve to remove previous constraints, such as geography, when interacting with the health system.

These constraints are enhanced with underserved communities and populations dealing with chronic care situations. Urban clinics may lack the facilities or manpower to handle cases involving diabetes care, chronic heart conditions, obesity and other chronic care cases. Rural clinics and providers may be over 100 miles away from their patients and find handling logistics an issue. These underserved communities now have the opportunity to address such issues and better serve their clients through implementing mHealth solutions.

The vision of mHealthology is to deliver mobile solutions to underserved communities and populations through our mobile application development offering in order to help provide care to chronic care patients. We wish to help help implement cost-effective mobile health solutions to clinics, social workers and patient care providers in order to reduce costs, increase patient access and improve quality of care. We envision changing “underserved” to a “served” community!