Craft 2 INSPIRE Social Enterpirse

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About Us

Craft 2 INSPIRE was founded in 2011 to become a social enterprise committed to helping the ethnic minorities in Northwest Vietnam to improve their livelihood through a sustainable business model. We have initially started as an endeavor to connect ethnic minority women with their customers by promoting their unique, beautiful handicraft products. Since 2015, we has created C2i-CBT to develop community-based tourism in northwest Vietnam with the goal of involving all family members in generating incomes for their livelihood. With this participation, C2i-CBT aims to become a robust social enterprise in the ecosystem of Vietnamese social enterprises operating in the tourism sector through three components:

  • C2i-CBT will be an investor who will get involved with the local households to help enhance their facilities to able to serve tourists. We would offer the investment package of from 1,000USD to 2,000USD for each household for their home-stay enhancement of basic needs that help make them qualified to serve tourists (sanitation, meals serving area, mattress, etc).For this role,we target to help 70 households in Ha Giang with the total amount 140,000 USD capital needed to mobilize within 2 years (2017-2018). The capital can be mobilized in the form of non-interest loan/donation/investment.
  • C2i-CBT will be a supporter who helps strengthen the local communities' capacity through organize the training courses of hospitality (welcoming, cleaning, cooking),  English class for local trekking tour guide. We also send coach to households to guide them do the services in initial phase. For this component, we will complete materials for different training courses and calling for supporting funds and request the local reciprocal also.
  • C2i-CBT will be a tour operator who would design tailor-made tour packages to offer tourists. We promote and bring customers for the households. We pay households based on the services provided (accommodation, food, local trekking guide, traditional performance, etc). is one of the brand-name we created to focus on Ha Giang province area.