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About Us

The mission of Foodwaze is to promote and advance change away from an industrial food system toward a more nourishing and sustainable way of life. We support local, sustainable family farms, humane treatment of farm animals, organic practices that protect the environment, and ultimately a food system that can ensure a healthier population for generations to come. 

We do this all through a digital guide that helps people locate and and verify the best in sustainable and nutritious food everywhere. The company was founded in Charlottesville, VA, in 2015. It has a website, and mobile apps on iOS and Android.  

Our company is unlike any other out there in our approach to finding quality-sourced, healthy food. For one, we do not take money from businesses. They most earn their way onto our listing by merit alone. In order to be a true catalyst for change in the food system we believe we must remain outside the influence of money. This is fundamental to our mission. We don't even take free food.

But we do take the time to visit business. Since we've launched, we have visited hundreds of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, wineries, coffee shops... and many, many small farms. Most of these are in the Mid-Atlantic region, but we are poised to grow.

We are also developing a propriety program to reduce and eliminate false marketing in the restaurant business, by verifying legitimate farm-to-table sourcing practices.
Lastly, we are not just an app. We have started to build a food database ready to play a dynamic role in the future of local, sustainable food ecosystems all over the country. Our vault of information will help solve problems in local food distribution and foster new business-to-business opportunities within the sustainable food movement.

Our ultimate goal is to bring awareness to the entire population so that local, sustainable food can become the norm, and be more accessible and affordable for all.