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About Us

Embark is a game changing company focused on providing homeowners and generations to come with a new energy future.  Founded by former non-profit and political operatives, Embark is setting out to accomplish what nobody in Washington has: Solving our energy problems with 21st century energy ideas.  From solar to wind to high efficiency appliances, Embark believes we can change the global energy market one house at a time.  

Embark is partnering with revolutionary companies such as On-Force Solar, Next Step Living, The Home Doctor, and many more to provide homeowners with a wide variety of new energy options that will save them money, and save our environment.

Through proven grassroots and face to face marketing solutions, Embark is building interest in a new energy future by educating the public one homeowner at a time.  In a world where direct sales are dead, and television and other media advertising is losing effectiveness, our hands-on, one step at a time process is building trust in the brands we represent, and the new energy products that homeowners need.

Today, we are Embarking on a journey to build a new energy organization that will reach millions of households around the country, and will transform our world's energy future.  Come Embark with us on this journey.