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About Us

We are growing our bootstrap to help the farmers of cocoa of the world giving for their product more than the "right price". Nowadays, we are striving to help cocoa farmers from Venezuela, for many reason (The mainly reason could be that the CEO of the project he is from Venezuela). One of these reason is that Venezuela has the most delicate and delicious varieties of cocoa of the world, but Venezuela in not longer considered as a cocoa's producer.

Even Venezuela needs an inspirational model of social enterprise which may led the society's lost faith into social institutes.

The proyect Bit&Nibs as inspirational model of social enterprise for latinoamerica wants to take distance to the socialist approach. We believe that we may offer better conditions of life to cocoa's farmers not giving things for free but giving to them the opportunity of doing good business, that means, the possibility to sell their products almost directly to the consumer in Europa, North-America, and Asia.

That is why we are not looking for charity givers, but for angels investors; people who wants to invest in a social model of equality and business of the type win-win.