Green Bio Energy

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About Us

GBE is a young, award-winning social enterprise based in Kampala, Uganda. It offers low-income Ugandan families access to cost-saving, safe and eco-friendly energy solutions: briquettes (charcoal made out of organic waste) and improved energy-efficient cook stoves, that come along with training and consulting services in the East African alternative energy sector.

GBE is convinced it can make a difference in the lives of the poorest by offering affordable, eco-friendly and safe energy products. They are innovatively designed to allow the beneficiaries to save money on their energy bill, reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, preserve natural resources and allow GBE to be economically sustainable. It thus makes it possible for GBE to achieve its three goals of social impact, environmental impact and economic sustainability. Besides, thanks to its local content approach, GBE also contributes to generating employment and income.

As a fast growing medium enterprise, GBE is always seeking for help to tackle its challenges and put ideas into practice. Therefore, the company is looking for fellows who support its vision and are able to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their work while they are with us in Uganda. Our goal is to ensure every fellow has a most valuable professional experience.