Light For Change /Luz Por Cambio

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Calle El Rostro
Panajachel, Solola
Panajachel and surrounding communities

About Us

Solar energy alternatives can be used as a tool for so much good, when affordable and accessible! Light for Change (Luz por Cambio) strives to make this happen. We are a Collaborative Network, providing new opportunities for families and communities in poverty with clean, affordable energy; advancing social justice and empowerment.

In addition to helping mother earth and our immediate environments with the use of solar energy, Light for Change believes it´s a way for families. savings groups and communities to become healthier, safer, more economically stable. Even more than that, it can also be used as a opportunity to foster gender equality and to build community capacity – some measures of true empowerment, social justice and real community empowerment.

Savings circles, financial literacy and women´s health and empowerment workshops function as the foundational support of our holistic model. Since 2007, we´ve been working in collaboration with individuals, groups & NGO´s across North, Central and soonon into South America

If you would like to take action towards this initiative and help bring accessible lighting to people in poverty - please learn more about us and join in the collaboration! Together we are stronger:)

Co-founder Meia Alibozek begins a unique distribution of Solar Lights in Central and on into South Americal by bicycle in 2013!