Swahili Coast

  • North Carolina


342 Nutt Street
Swahili Coast
North Carolina
United States

About Us

Swahili Coast is a US-based fair trade brand that works in partnership with artisans in East Africa to handcraft accessories and homewares.


Swahili Coast connects the incredible culture and traditions of East African artisans to global markets. We operate on principles of fairness, dignity and respect. We believe in the strength of optimism, and power of artistry to create meaningful change in the world. We work to empower women, provide safe working environments, and offer fair wages.

Our partner groups are found along the Swahili Coast. 

The Swahili Coast Cooperative is a worker owned beadwork sandal and jewelry workshop in Dar es Salaam. We build partnerships for marketing our beadwork in the East Africa region and across the world. Our mission is to continue the proud traditions of East African beadwork art and culture through encouraging artistry and design.