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About Us

AguaClara LLC is a social-impact startup seeking to promote global health by designing and disseminating municipal drinking water treatment solutions that are socially and economically sustainable in resource-poor communities. AguaClara provides technical services that enable partners to implement long-lasting, high-performing technologies, while utilizing feedback to drive research and accelerate innovation. As AguaClara expands its programs in India and Honduras, and seeks to establish projects in many other countries, we are seeking an experienced senior representative to help manage our dynamic international programs and cultivate our worldwide networks.

The AguaClara technology (developed at Cornell University), deployment process and business model has been proven through the successful implementation of 7 water treatment plants in Central America and South Asia. The LLC is currently in the process securing start-up funding to establish the required business infrastructure to support the demand of new projects and the expansion of current efforts over the next five years.