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About Us

Mission Partners is a mission-driven strategic communications firm which guides high-potential nonprofits, foundations and purpose-driven corporations in realizing their greatest social impact. Mission Partners is led by Carrie Fox, nonprofit strategist and founder of the award-winning C.Fox Communications, and Carolyn Berkowitz, nonprofit and CSR expert and former president of the Capital One Foundation.


In the past decade, we’ve counseled hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the U.S. and around the world, as well as the partners who fund and support their work. We’ve helped organizations refine their strategies, increase their impact and amplify their stories. Now, more than ever, the pressure is mounting for organizations to prove their value in new ways, to do more with less, and to solve problems faster


We guide organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, through major strategic initiatives that improve lives and community well-being. We bridge the gap between high impact ideas and community resources. We roll out innovative campaigns. We track and measure progress every step of the way. And we regularly invest our own dollars and time back into the clients we represent. All because we know that every bit we can do to share and strengthen a powerful idea will leave this place, a better place.



Executive Counsel and Strategic Planning

Brand Development and Positioning

Storytelling and Media Relations

Communications Strategy, Campaign Development and Execution

Partnership and Program Development

Nonprofit Leadership and Management

Corporate Social Responsibility