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About Us

Welcome to Fluente! A language learning experience that allows you to build conversational fluency through community

We are integrating the world by providing a local accessible language fluency  program that grows through cultural, fun, and community exchange

We start with meeting the need of language learners in the US,  who's top languages and a source of division are ,  English and Spanish.  We then work to overcome the hurdle  to conversational fluency with native speakers through a weekly and daily immersion exchange with local native speakers .  Bringing language groups together in an engaging, welcoming, safe and fun community experience that frees them to practice their language while in turn building real local bonds with local speakers

This community will be a beacon of the world as it should be,  an example of how building trust and togetherness,  we can in turn learn new capacities and together change the way we experience the world around us.

We are in service to our local language learning community and serve as an enhancement to your current learning or an entry point for students looking for conversational fluency.

Join the Conversation! Join Fluente!