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About Us

Esengo Global LLC is a social entreprise based in Virginia. The company's offering spans from public health consulting services including staff training, social campaigns to also focusing on sending teams of volunteers, and supplies overseas.Ultimately, we believe that providing assistance can take every shapes and forms.

Volunteering Opportunities

Helping others is particularly fulfilling and many dedicated individuals are taking time from their busy schedules to make a difference. At Esengo Global, we understand that volunteers play an essential role in inspiring and engaging people all over the world.

The Esengo Global Volunteer Program is set to address the issue of health structure and resource deficiencies in developing countries. The organization mobilizes medical and non-medical volunteers and staff in order to provide training and services to the general public and local health organizations. Esengo Global partners with local hospitals, community centers, schools, orphanages and refugee camps. It is also the opportunity to foster relationships between different international health institutions.

Individuals are matched up with institutions based on their skills and local needs and are partnered up with trained volunteer sponsors who will engage them on a day to day basis.

Types of volunteers needed:

Medical professionals

All types of physicians, nurses, dental professionals and assistants are needed to help treat sick and injured people in developing nations and in areas impacted by unforeseen events. Teams are deployed to communities around the world where health care is unavailable or scarce. Teams are also sent to help improve and expand the capabilities of local health professionals.

In addition, we are extensively looking for volunteers specialized in paramedics, child psychology, psychiatry, nutrition and physical therapy.

Non- Medical professionals

Non-medical professionals have a significant role to play in enhancing communities’ living conditions and resources. Builders, architects, students, engineers or teachers, to name a few, are more than welcome to apply to Esengo Global Volunteer Program