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About Us

Our Philosophy

Kapor Capital invests in tech-driven, seed stage startups that are highly scalable and improve human well-being, particularly for low income, historically underserved, or vulnerable populations in the United States.

We see significant opportunities to leverage information technology for positive social impact and economic returns across every sector of the economy and society: education, work, finance, food, justice, and health.

Our companies make contributions to social well-being in at least one of three ways:

  1. by closing gaps of access to information or goods and services;
  2. by expanding economic opportunity in the workplace and the marketplace; and
  3. by increasing efficiency and competitiveness of market-based solutions to social and economic issues.

We also invest in innovative and democratizing new platforms that show promise in improving the human condition or experience in fundamental ways.

We seek entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, especially those from groups who have been historically underrepresented in the innovation economy and whose lived experience has helped them identify previously overlooked problems and develop creative solutions.